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WIDCA positions:

In the next year WIDCA will be taking positions engaging in advocacy efforts on issues of concern to direct caregivers.  We want to hear from you about what you would like to see changed in the long term care system as well as in your own work situation. 

Tell Your Story

We’d like to hear from you!  Please share your story with us on the following topic(s):

  • How is your current salary being used functionally by you and your family?  Do you have more than one job?  Is it difficult for you to make ends meet?
  • Do you have health insurance?  If so, is it from your employer, partner, or government?  What do you pay out-of-pocket?  If you don’t have health insurance, why not?
  • Is daycare an issue for you or your family?  If so, what do you pay out-of-pocket, that you need to deduct from your actual paycheck?
  • While working as a direct care worker, were you often asked on short notice to cover a shift?
  • Do you experience back injuries related to direct care?
  • When you are providing care, what would you say is the most important care you provide?
  • Why do you stay in your occupation?  What do you like about your job?

Send us your story at


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